7 Ways To Make Your Wedding Entourage Stand Out

As you decide on the venue, dress, and decorations for your wedding, you shouldn’t forget your wedding entourage.

They’re the ones who’ll help you with your wedding preparation and allow your wedding day to look fantastic.

While getting them to wear traditional dresses and suits is standard, giving them a chance to stand out on your wedding day would always be a great idea. If you have no clue on how you can do that, follow these tips below.

  1. Consider Prints

Your bridesmaid would usually wear plain dresses during your wedding day, while your groomsmen would wear simple suits and ties. While they can help to provide a clean look for your wedding day, you should consider giving them the option of wearing prints to stand out on your wedding day. Apart from the traditional fabric prints, using embroidery would be a great option as it’s unique and beautiful at the same time.

If you’re planning to go with prints or custom embroidery, ensure that their design and colours match your wedding theme. In this way, you can allow your wedding to have a smooth look without allowing your entourage to overpower your entire wedding.

  1. Allow Their Clothing To Fit

You should bring your wedding entourage to your trusted tailor for proper fitting. After all, the way your entourage’s suits and dresses fit their body can have a significant impact on how they look on your special day. Apart from enabling them to look great in photos, well-fitted clothing can also boost their confidence and make them happy.

  1. Consider Non-Traditional Dresses

For your bridesmaids, you should consider giving them non-traditional dresses like a jumpsuit. It can allow them to be comfortable and stand out during your wedding day. While you might think that wearing a jumpsuit could look masculine, it’s currently a trend.

Apart from wearing jumpsuits, you might want to consider seeing your bridesmaids wear a separate dress, such as having a crop top with a high-waist skirt or pants. To give it a romantic and wedding touch, you could use soft fabrics such as tulle, chiffon, or silk.

  1. Give Your Bridesmaids Bright-Coloured Bouquets

A bright colour would always be helpful if you want your bridesmaids to stand out in the crowd. If you’re not too comfortable making your bride tribe wear bright-coloured clothes as it might not be able to compliment everyone’s skin tone, giving them a bright-coloured bouquet would be a great alternative. You can choose to go from bright pink roses, sunflowers, or even bright daisies.

  1. Allow Your Bridesmaids To Wear A Train

If you’re planning to wear a cape for your wedding dress, allowing your bridesmaid to wear a short train will help to give them a great look on your wedding day. Wearing one can make their clothes to be extra fancy without overpowering the bride.

As your bridesmaids wear a train on your wedding day, you should consider making it removable so they can easily take it off during the reception and allow themselves to enjoy the party. While wearing a train looks great while walking down the aisle, it may not be enjoyable once the party starts, and people could step on it as they mingle.

  1. Make Your Groomsmen Wear Avant-Garde

Being on the fashionable side doesn’t just involve designing your groomsmen’s suits but also taking charge of how their shoes should look like. With this, it would help to make your groomsmen stand out if you allow them to wear avant-garde shoes that are unique, out of this world, yet comfortable.

For a fashionable shoe piece, you should skip wearing leather shoes and let your entourage go for sneakers, boots, or even a colourful loafer that will surely be a highlight of your wedding day. The groom can choose to do the same or stick with traditional shoes to make them stand out among the rest of their groomsmen.

  1. Play With Socks Options

Your groomsmen would probably be wearing socks to be comfortable and fashionable during your wedding day. While the traditional black or white socks would always be standard, you should consider making your groomsmen wear fun socks with prints that will surely catch everyone’s attention. Moreover, if you’d like your groomsmen to look unique, you can make them wear no socks at all.


Your wedding entourage deserves all the attention on your wedding day as well. While everyone knows that you and your partner are the stars of the day, your wedding entourage needs to stand out from the crowd. Giving them the chance to stand out on your wedding day would be a small way to give back for all their hard work helping you on your big day.