Mighty Vision Photography Interview

When speaking to Alex Kuo, the Owner and sole Photographer of Mighty Vision, he is incredibly unassuming, thoughtful and very polite.

One assumes that his photographs will somehow reflect this personality- you imagine a grand, black and white landscape, with the couple as a small detail off- centre, or a minimalistic and stark style, or perhaps even an emphasis on dramatic shadows- something, in other words, that invokes a sense of the serene and still, with a hint of mystery.

Instead, Alex’s works are a riot of colourful, fairytale-inspired fantasy and whimsy. They speak clearly of passion and lust- simultaneously of the headiness of an early love, and the solidity and strength of the lasting relationship that follows after. It becomes immediately clear why this highly individualistic style had won a series of accolades in recent years, and continues to be noted as one of the most exciting faces of Australian photography. Indeed, the more you consider Alex’s phenomenal photos, the more you understand that his personality is not at odds with his art, but rather, helps to strike a delicate- and highly sought after- balance.

mighty vision wedding photographyWhere is your business located and how long have you been engaged in it?

My business is located in Melbourne and I have more than 10 years experience in photography.

What sparked your passion for the industry, and how did you first get into it?

I first became interested in photography during university in Taiwan (where I’m from), while I was studying fashion design. Although the class was quite generic, I immediately took a liking to it, and felt that my artistic eye transferred well from the fashion to photography. I eventually decided to change my focus to photography alone, and began to look for full time work. From the get-go, I’ve enjoyed capturing unforgettable moments, along with interacting with many of the lovely people I’ve met. But it was only after winning a few competitions in the photography industry that I realised just how passionate I am about the industry, and began working towards a full time job. Now that I’ve been working as a photographer for a decade, I’ve realised that I become most motivated when I receive positive feedback from customers, and am constantly striving for better results.

What range of products or services does your company provide?

We offer ‘Wedding’, ‘Portrait’, ‘Event’, ‘Landscape’ and ‘Architectural’ photography services.

mighty vision wedding photography

What is your point of difference?

As someone who is truly passionate about my work, I’m naturally very enthusiastic and pay high attention to details. I only deliver the best images and always strive for the best quality in my work. And of course, my specific creative/ artistic style is absolutely singular.

What should couples consider most thoroughly before booking?

They should compare the quality of the images and the photographer’s passion and professional skills, experience and expertise.

Do you offer any highly individualised or ‘one of a kind’ services?

We offer a range of different wedding packages that can be customized to suit individual needs and requirements. This includes options like high resolution images, black and white and coloured formats; premium enhancements; retouching; providing prints and digital files, or one or the other. I also offer special requests for an additional price (e.g. a premium enhancement).

Does your business have a signature style? What would you consider it to be?

Definitely! My style is very dramatic, romantic, and surreal. They are often whimsical and, I like to think, reflect an electric atmosphere. I usually focus on a photojournalistic style, and have a particular emphasis on light, and scenic, sweeping landscapes. I also rely often on state-of-the-art post-processing skills to enhance the photographs to create one-of-a-kind images.

What’s the general process that you follow when a bride comes to see you?

After setting up a consultation with a bride, I will provide her all the important information and advice such as:

  • My responsibilities as a photographer, and a general description of what I’ll be doing on the couple’s wedding day.
  • Popular wedding photography locations to match the couple’s desired atmosphere.
  • A rundown of my specific tasks throughout the wedding day.
  • Pricelist.
  • Package details.
  • Booking form and agreement.
  • What photography equipment I am using, and an explanation of why I use this particular equipment.
  • My recent work.
  • Wedding album options.
  • Additionally, I answer any questions they may have during the consultation.

What sort of trends is your business privy to? How much do they influence your business? Are they purely visual, or do they go any deeper?

Well, the main developments I follow are the general market trends. They absolutely affect my business in a serious way, as I need to remain at once ahead of the latest trends (otherwise, to be honest, brides would not be as interested in my photography), and to simultaneously keep my photos looking classic and forever elegant. This being said, though, I like to think of my artistic development as apart from mass- driven trends. Although I’m past my experimental phase, I still consider myself to be a constantly- developing artist (I don’t think this ever stops). So, in sum, I try and let my style evolve within the parameters of wider market trends.

Do you normally offer a mock-up or run through of your product or service?

Yes- we provide a free pre-wedding consultation to go through all the details of the day and provide the customers with relevant information.

Which other wedding professionals do you need to coordinate with to produce the best possible results?

For me, the Videographer and Makeup Artist. I need to coordinate with the videographer on a practical basis- we need to ensure that we time our day so that we don’t ruin each other’s timelines or shots. The Makeup Artist, on the other hand, is a purely visual concern. I’ve seen bad makeup ruin a photo, which can really out a damper on the bride’s mood on the night, and of course, deeply affect the photos. I can still use Photoshop to correct the makeup, but it’s cheaper and easier to get makeup right in the first place.

What should every bride know or consider about the industry before looking into competing businesses?

They should find out which photographer will be the one to take their photos; to make an effort to meet with the photographer in person; to make sure that they as a couple feel comfortable with the photographer, and closely scrutinise the works of the photographer. Additionally, they should make sure that the photographer can deliver what they pay for, which is done through checking that they have good recommendations; and most importantly, to make sure the photographer is reliable and a properly registered business.

What do you require of a bride when she enlists your service (e.g. a strong vision of what she wants, to be open and flexible, etc) ?

To inform the photographer about all her requirements and expectations. I’d like her to be open and communicate with the photographer to address any concerns they have, and it’s always a good idea to pass a running sheet to the photographer prior to the wedding.

What is the most common misconception you have to deal with?

The majority stress the importance of quantity over quality of photos, which I don’t agree with. In 50 years, you’ll appreciate looking back on a few phenomenal photos of hundreds of not- great ones.

How, if at all, do brides need to prepare before you begin your services?

They just need to relax and have a good sleep the night before the wedding. Also, they need to trust the photographer’s expertise and let us do the worrying.

What’s been your best experience in working with brides?

Every outcome where the bride has had complete trust in my expertise and taken all the suggestions I provided has produced brilliant results. But more particularly, I have one experience that does stand out in my mind. I was photographing wedding on the cusp of New Year’s Eve, where everyone stayed until the final NYE countdown. Needless to say, we managed to get some incredible photos! The couple really appreciated what we did on the day, and gave us fantastic recommendations. I ended up being the photographer for the groom’s brother, as well as several of their friends for their own weddings. Actually, it was through them that I placed in the ‘Top 20 Wedding Photographers of the Year’ in Taiwan (4 years in a row).

What can brides expect from you in the future?

Bring them more advanced photography techniques and creative ideas in their wedding photos, with a particular emphasis on playing with light.

Is there any other piece of information you consider to be important that should be included?

The photography service can be provided to any locations in Australia and also overseas.