Balloons balloons galore! Now you may think, “Balloons really? Great for kids birthdays, but not a classy elegant affair… aka my wedding!?”  Not the case with these great ideas. Balloons can add a pop of colour and fun to your wedding decor without breaking the budget. And because they come in so many shapes, sizes and colours they can fit in with a ton of wedding styles and themes!
1) Giant Balloons for a great Photo Op
Giant Balloons make a fabulous prop for your wedding photos.  Selecting a colour that either suits your wedding party attire, or is a contrasting colour that pops will look amazing!
2) Fabric Covered Balloons 
Covering your balloons in fabric (tulle, chiffon, lace etc) is a simple way to transform a party balloon into something a little more elegant. Adding a flower or ribbon embellishment to hold it all together, perfection!

3) Confetti filled Balloons
These are a really great fun idea for clear/ opaque balloons. Multicolored confetti or a single colour would work well.  Its that splash of colour that’s a little more interesting because its semi hidden!

4) Balloon Walls
Cake tables & candy buffets in particular can look fabulous with a gorgeous balloon wall behind them in a colour that suits your theme. Perfect for a Kitchen Tea or shower too!

5) Balloon Arches
Another fabulous addition to the reception is a great arch. Works really well around the cake table, or the entrance to your reception space! These can air on the side of tacky so be careful with your colour selection and placement.

So don’t be afraid to incorporate beautiful balloons into your big day! <3