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Meet Rene & Benjamin

We met in high school through mutual friends and kept bumping into each other over the years. One day I saw him when i was standing in line at a Linkin Park concert when my best friend dragged me out of line to say hi to him and the rest is history!

The proposal

I knew that he was going to propose to me shortly after finally getting his drivers license but he kept on inadvertently setting “scenarios” which then i’d be disappointed in because we’d get through the night with no proposal! Then one night after my part time job shift had finished, he picked me up and told me to put a blindfold on. Here i was thinking it was another scenario throwing me off the scent, well he took me to the park across from my parents house where we shared our first kiss back in high school and proposed!

Your Wedding Day

I’m sure every bride would say it was perfect but this really was!

We purposely chose 2012 to hold our wedding to give us time to save and achieve a few other milestones and settled on May so it wasn’t too cold or too hot.

Leading up to the big day, the forecast went from overcast, to showers, to thunderstorms and absolutely bucketed down on our rehearsal day 2 weeks prior. So here i was preparing for the worst and it ended up being a gorgeous sunny day of 29c.

With frangipanis in our arrangements and butterflies being released for the ceremony, what more could we ask for? The venue was perfect, Husband’s Aunt was our celebrant and we had all our family and friends there to celebrate our special occassion.

From the moment waking up I had my support team of best friends with me to keep me calm (and fed) and knew the groomsmen would do the same. And when we finally arrived my dad had to basically stop me running down the isle to get to huby as all i wanted to do was hug him!

Beautifully tailored ceremony, the most caring reception managers and the whole day ran smoothly until the moment when we left to go home and relax, recover and begin our journey together as husband and wife. 🙂