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Meet Stephanie & Jacob

Six years ago, my brother invited over his youth group for a get together before our family went to Sydney for Christmas.
I’d never gone to this youth group and hardly knew anyone who came over.
I am a shy girl, so I stayed inside playing on the playstation with a couple of friends I invited, while everyone socialised outside.
Although I’d heard about Jacob, this is the first time we met. He came to play playstation with us and got on my team. We began talking about common interests and had a good laugh and he asked me out

The proposal

On our 4 years, 7 months, he took us to our favourite park and we sat down by the lake. This is the same place we went to on our fourth or fifth date, the place where we first told each other how much we meant to each other. After a bit of reminiscing, he got down on one knee and proposed. I don’t remember exactly what he said as I was very happy and emotional. Of course I said yes and he put my gorgeous diamond ring on my finger

Your Wedding Day

After a relaxing night including a massage, facial and hot bath; I woke up feeling oddly relaxed. I got up early enough to have plenty of time to get ready. I received a wake up call from my photographer to be sure I will be ready for hair and make up. My hair and make up artist was also the photographer’s assistant.

I had a light breakfast and had my hair and make up done. I had some music on to help me relax and had a good laugh. My florist called in about a problem with my flowers; the exact colour I wanted wasn’t available but something similar was. I was anxious to see what the bouquets will look like.

While my two bridesmaids were getting their hair and make up done (my half sister and sister-in-law), mum prepared a filling lunch for us all. We all had a break and ate, which helped me relax some more. Then the flowers came and they were gorgeous! I was so pleased with how perfect they were.

Then it was time to put the dress on, and that’s when the nerves begun. I couldn’t get the dress done up completely becaue I felt I couldn’t breathe. With the help of my mum and sister; it was on well enough. I needed to hide when my groom and the groomsmen came to pick up the buttonhole flowers which made me more nervous.

After taking some photos at home, we headed off to the ceremony, early enough to have some photos taken before the ceremony. As I walked into the chapel, I was so overwhelmed with nerves, I couldn’t see anyone. Apart from some trouble with the music, the ceremony was perfect. The reception was perfect. Our wedding was perfect.