Do This Don't: Dare to Go Bare on Your Wedding Day

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Meagan Dill

I know this may be frightening for some, so it’s only fair that I include a warning. In this article I will be using two words that I am sure will strike fear into the heart of many a bride-to-be. Ready? Here it is.

Bare. Faced.

Still with me? Hear me out. As much as I adore playing around with beauty products, and despite the fact that I flinch at the idea of leaving the house without applying at least a smidge of mascara and some BB cream, I fully support the idea of a bride forgoing make-up completely on the big day – if that’s something she wants, that is.

I have to be honest, though – this hasn’t always been how I’ve seen it. And admittedly, the likelihood of me personally going bravely barefaced on my wedding day is still about as likely as me giving up my Instagram addiction (i.e. never gonna happen). But just this week, my completely naive assumption that all brides want to get dolled up was dispelled when my soon-to-be-wed cousin mentioned to me that make-up was not part of the plan come her wedding day.

Was I shocked? Yep. Was this the most sensitive and sensible reaction? Probably not. Thinking back, I cringe at this judgemental moment of mine. Now that I’ve done a bit of research, I’ve come to learn that this daring move is not quite as uncommon as I’d imagined.

My gorgeous cousin is one of those women who, day-to-day, prefers to go without make-up. If you ask her why, she’ll reel off a bunch of reasons. It irritates her skin, she thinks it’s too time-consuming, and it’s a waste of money – but I think the real reason is that she simply doesn’t like it. Her husband-to-be prefers the natural look, too. So why should she make an exception for her wedding day just because society expects her to?

Having brushed up on the possible consequences of going without make-up on your wedding day, I now have one main concern for my cousin: how the pictures are going to come out. Without at least a few small tweaks here and there, she might end up appearing washed-out or tired-looking in the final photographs. In my opinion, the happiest medium is to hire a pro, do a test-run and be firm about using only the bare minimum. A bit of tinted moisturiser there and some concealer there, maybe with a bit of blush, is still pretty darn close to going completely au naturale when you compare it with full-blown bridal make-up.

Alas, according to my cousin, not close enough. Although a part of me wishes I could have convinced her to budge just a little on this issue, I really admire her bravery. She is one badass bride.

Planning to go make-up free on the big day? Hit me up in the comments so I can give you a virtual high-five. And if you’re a make-up junkie like me, what’s your planned wedding day look?