Five wedding cake trends to fall in love with [Photos]

Everyone loves cake – but with so many options to choose from, the prospect of having to find the perfect wedding cake can be daunting. The right wedding cake should fill a couple of requirements: it should be memorable, it should be fitting to you and your new beau, and of course, it should be completely delicious.

Inspiration, as always, can be found in the current wedding cake trends – this year’s trends are diverse, ranging from bold to stripped down, with designs of the most elaborate to the clean and simple. Here are a few wedding cake ideas we can’t get enough of.


Metallic Cakes

Why restrict the wedding-day sparkle to the rings? Everything’s better with a bit of shine. Make this cake your own by fine-tuning details such as the intensity of the metallic shade and what amount of the cake will get the golden treatment. Whether it’s just a few touches of embellished gold here and there or entire layers of shimmering shades, this versatile trend is sure to turn heads. Instant glamour? Check.


Personalised Cakes

Having something truly unique about your wedding cake is the best way to make an impression. By adding a personal touch, you give your guests a small peek into the personal life of you and your new hubby. In the hands of a professional, for example, this could take the form of your love story told in words or a series of images on your cake.  On the other hand, a DIY approach can be just as effective. The key is in getting creative with your wedding cake toppers – consider hand-making a simple monogram or ordering customised wedding figurines online to pop into the finished cake.


Ruffled Cakes

If the keyword for your ideal cake is “elegant”, ruffles are a must-have. For a traditional look they can be layered in neat rows encircling the cake, or they can take a more modern, slightly less uniform shape in paper-thin layers reminiscent of flower petals. The ruffled icing look can also be used to create shapes or ornaments to be used as decoration atop the cake.


Naked Cakes

Not quite as rude as you might think, the naked cake is simply a layer cake with its sides exposed. This stripped-down cake’s surprising absence of icing shows off the cake’s layers and texture. This cake would be the perfect fit for a wedding out in the country or with a rustic theme, especially with the addition of other natural elements such as fruit or roses. Spring wedding, anyone?


Lacy Cakes

Lace is such a gorgeous fabric – to limit it to dresses and lingerie seems such a waste. Primp up your cake with intricate lace patterns done in white for an understated but feminine look. For a bolder take on this trend, fill your entire cake with various lace patterns of different sizes, or go for lace-shaped frosting cut-outs. Intricate and pretty.


The best part of deciding on a wedding cake is the endless possibilities – which of these trends is your favourite?