Wedding Cake Checklist

Who doesn’t love cake? The most important cake you’ll ever eat is your wedding cake, so you want to make sure that it’s as beautiful, delicious and memorable as possible. It sounds like a lot of pressure, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, this guideline has been designed to relieve the pressure and allow you to enjoy what is perhaps the most essential aspect of the entire day (let’s be honest).


9 Months to Go

• Start thinking about the style of cake you’d like. Consider your partner and your favourite flavours, as well as popular flavours that your guests are most likely going to enjoy – you may love unusual flavours like green tea or avocado, but your great aunt might not – sometimes safe flavours are the best option. You should also think about what you want your cake to look like – shape, height, colour and decorations should all come into consideration.

• Discuss with your partner whether you’d like to also have a groom’s cake and/or give away slices of cake as bonbonnieres.

• Collect magazine clippings, print pictures from the Internet, or get some inspiration from TV shows like “Ace of Cakes” – don’t go crazy though – you probably don’t NEED a cake with a levitating top tier.

• Start looking around for wedding cake specialists in your area. Ask your friends for referrals, attend bridal expos and jump on local wedding forums.

6 Months

• This is the time to start having consultations. Make sure that you take along all of those inspiring bits and pieces, that you found when you were discussing flavours and designs with your sweetheart. It also pays to take along swatches of your wedding’s theme and colour scheme. This will help the cake designer to get a better idea of the concept you have in mind.

• After you’ve had your initial consultation, book in some taste testings. Tasting on a separate day to the first consultation gives the baker time to prepare the flavours you’ve chosen. Try to be a bit flexible, though – if they have a specialty flavour, don’t be afraid to try it.

4 Months

• Once you’ve sampled a lifetime’s worth of cake, make a decision (I know it’s hard to choose just one, but it has to be done) and place your order.

• This is also the time that you should get really serious about working off the extra calories you’ve, inevitably, consumed with all of the taste testings. Hit the gym, go for regular walks, or head to a Zumba class – it will help to reduce any wedding planning stress you’re carrying around, too.

3 Months

• If you’ve decided to use an unusual cake topper, rather than the regular ones available at the bakery, take a look at what’s available online and order something cute – or quirky, if that’s more your style. A local artist might even be able to design something super personal for you.

1 Month

• You should have all of your RSVPs by now, and have a fairly good idea of the number of guests who are definitely coming. If that figure is vastly different from what you first anticipated, don’t forget to give your cake designer a call and adjust the cake size accordingly. This might mean replacing a tier of real cake with a fake cake layer, or downsizing the whole design. Some designers are willing to do this at short notice, others aren’t – make sure that you discuss this before signing your contract. If worse comes to worse, you’ll just end up with lots of leftovers (and there’s no such thing as having TOO much cake).

The Big Day

• Make sure that the cake table looks as beautiful as you always dreamt it would.

• Throw the diet out the window and stuff your face, girl (elegantly, of course). This is probably going to be the one dessert that you remember for the rest of your life – enjoy it!

• Indulge in any leftover slices, and try to savour the flavour for as long as possible.

• If you’re planning on eating the top tier for your first anniversary, make sure that someone (mum is usually a good choice) takes it home and pops it in their freezer, until you get back from your honeymoon.